Hurricane Sandy and the NYC Restaurant Scene

Mario Tama/ Getty Images

This image is haunting. The restaurant (where I am maître d’) is nearby the neighborhood photographed, and we are shuttered until future notice. One of the managers has been email blasting the team with daily updates; today, our AGM emailed to say that we are without power and will resume service upon its return. Hurry. Everywhere, there are symbols that the city has stopped: the stalled MTA service, gridlocked traffic on 3rd Avenue when Lexington and Park are ghostly vacant, darkness below 39th Street.

The above image accompanies an article on Grub Street that details how some of the city’s chefs and restauranteurs are taking the hit. When I called the NoMad last night to ask if they had power, and if they were serving those glorious cocktails at their bar (mixologist Leo Robitschek is likewise responsible for the cocktail list at Eleven Madison Park, and for reviving the cocktail’s importance among NYC’s fine dining scene), the phone attendant told me they were open “for hotel guests only.” Be hospitable to your local midtown residents/ neighbors! I wanted to say. Everything is infrequent. Keith McNally’s flagship restaurant, Balthazar, reopened yesterday in alternative form, but that doesn’t mean that they’re at it today (their reservations line is ambiguously busy).

Oh, New York.

Eater NY continues to update their site with restaurants in service, and other hurricane-restaurant-related news.

(As an aside: is there any real reason why the end of hurricane season must conflict with white truffle season?)



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